2020-21 "ArtZeiten Campus Hubland", Würzburg

the online part of the work can be visited at ununkraut.net

The Hercules and Leo Case
Performance Katrin Petroschkat, Maria Berauer, Karo Knote

Shay Khan and the Bagheechas (featuring The Hercules and Leo Case),
Klangbad Label 2019, funded by "Initiative Musik"

The Angry Garden
collaborational performance project, development of a performance based on the publication "How forests think" by Eduardo Kohn, scholarship by the cultural department of the City of Munich 2017

2016 Phone Home
Europäisches Theaterprojekt London-München-Athen
Video und Mediengestaltung, Bühnenbild

2007-2014 LABOR 45
Medienkunstlabor Katrin Petroschkat & Barbara Herold